inspiration & growingadvice

Vi we believe that everyone can garden! Nomather if you own a garden, balcony, flowerfarm or pot. And we wish to inspire you to garden and grow flowers from your own conditions, pleasure and joy. Because gardening is lovely, and to sow a seed just to follow it sprout then to bloom is wondrous.

It is not always easy to know what works best or with growingadvice to follow or with growingmethod is most officiant  The truth it actually that it can vary, simply because nature is nature and the weather of the seasons vary. What works perfectly one year might not go as well the next one, even though your have done thesame, because perhaps the spring has been colder. Also remember, that even though there is absolutely a delight in trying to make the flowers bloom as early as possible, there is also a delight, and mostly relevance, in waiting. We encourage you to grow the amount of seeds that you have time for in the spring, to enjoy your little seedlings and also enjoy the beauty of spring as it is. Store your seeds dark and cool, it is perfectly fine to keep them in storage for next season. My best advice is to grow flowers for the joy of it - experiment, play and learn!

Every variety has its own time, the time it takes for the seed to bloom from when it is put in the soil. Most varieties can be started in mars-april, or directsown when the risk of frost is over and the soil is warmer. Depending on you growingarea, where your live - and depending on the time and desires your have. Some varieties however, has a longer development time and needs to be sown earlier, sometime during jan-feb.

To experience the beauty of the floweringperiod during the summer and to harvest these magnificent creatures are amazing! Wether you grown flowers for business, in large or small scale, for your own garden or simply for the joy of it. And did you know that (most of) the annual flowers bloom even more the more your harvest? It is true - and isn't it marvelous. So enjoy and pick as many flowers as you can - instead of producing seeds you will make the plant produce more flowers!