Welcome to Jordnära Fröer - Botanise amongst unique and beautiful flowerseeds to grow annual and perennial summerflowers. To cultivate joy and beauty in your garden and flowerfarm. Where dreams grow.

"To see things in the seed, that is genius." — Lao Tzu

where dreams grow

I have always dreamt of working close to people and close to nature. And it was from that dream that a thought, a tiny seed, began to grow. A little seed about sharing my world amongst flowers, the calmness and joy of cultivating and gardening. So I gathered my knowledge and background as a behavioralscientist, flowerfarmer and gardening-therapist - and took a leap. Or perhaps I finally landed. Landed softly in a bed of flowers, and started Jordnära Fröer - flowerseeds for cutting and beauty. I want to run Jordnära Fröer with my heart in the innerpreneurship, my hands in the soil and my dreams high up in the sky on a sunny atumnday, my favorite kind of weather. My most heartfelt welcome to Lilla Hälsoträdgårdens seedshop Jordnära Fröer, a small familyrun company close to and inspired by nature.

I hope you want to join.

Kindly, Josefin Gavie

lilla hälsoträdgården

Lilla Hälsoträdgården is our place on earth. Beautifully located on the Swedish westcoast countryside, surrounded by wide fields, meadows, pastures and old forests. There is a closeness here, to nature, the animals and life on the countryside. Here, me and my husband fell inlove in the big birks, the beautiful houses that is our farm and the possibilities at first sight. And it is a beautiful place for our daughter, Holly, to grow up.

It was also here that later me and my mother started and created our health- and therapygarden. A place for recovery, creativity, joy- and quality of life. A place where we, and the people who come here, can grow in their own pace, together with the ever growing garden. Here we work with horticultural-gardening therapy in a care agreement with the region of Halland. Here is also where we have our small scaled flower farm for slow flowers, where we create bouquets and have workshops with seasonal flowers.

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our seeds

Our flowerseeds are carefully selected for their fine quality for cutflowers and fair beauty, to promote and work towards biodiversity and benefit our beloved pollinators.

We are happy and proud to cooperate with a renowned seedhouse, a familyrun business in England with a long tradition of working in the business all over the world. The seeds are packed in England, in hermeticully sealed foilpackets and then packed by hand by us. The seeds are grown and harvested by flowerfarmers and growers that share our passion for the most beautiful of flowers.

our sustainability

Jordnära Fröer strives to work close to nature, with nature. Therefore we have chosen to work with material that are made of recycled paper and/or FSC-branded. The FSC-brand secures a responsible forest management. Our packets, labels and papers are made of recycled paper and/or FSC-branded. Everything is recycable as paper. Jordnära Fröer (Lilla Hälsoträdgården) is registered at Swedish "Jordbruksverket" for sale of seeds, which have annual controls to secure quality and traceability. We are certified for plant passport according to EU-rules. All seeds are imported with phytosanitary certificate with certify that the seeds hold EU-quality. All seeds are nonegrazed and can be grown in certified farms. It is up to the customer to contact their certificate organisation as it can differ.

our vision

The joy or cultivating! We believe that everyone that grow and cultivate. We also believe in the positive power that nature provides, nature gives us inspiration and calm. Therefor we would like to inspire to cultivate calm and joy - to let your flowerfarming and growing flowers be a happy place. That every flower has its own time to bloom and that whoever you are, whatever your growing area is, you can farm. Even the tiniest seed holds a beautiful flower within - now it is up to us to give it what it needs to grow. To be and work in the garden and in nature starts a process of an inner work with yourself - to nurture and give care to what grows also creates a sense of purpose to also give care and nurture oneself. What seeds do you carry within, waiting to bloom?Together, we can make life blossom!

our design

Sprung from my love to the californian poppy it was always ment to be that she should be the symbol of my Jordnära Fröer. I have come to love this flower, hold her close to my heart, so dear. Not only because our her cute name (in Swedish, translated to "sleepyhead"), but also for her strenght although so fragile, as she defies both wind and frost even with he small size and paper thin  petals. And because you can play with her, by "lifting her nightcap". The logo is designed and drawn by hand by my dear childhood friend and artist Janna Hultin Collins.

All pictures are taken by me, Josefin Gavie.  Productpictures are used with rights from our supplier, some are taken by me. Extra thanks to Johanna Bank for some productpictures. Kindly respect that no images are allowed to be taken or used from the website with permission from me first.
Special thanks and credits to Talia Greene (Snapdragon Chantilly Delight Mixed), Alma Paris (Sweetpea Juliet), Hannah Gardner (Nasturtium Purple Emperor) and Lynne Bramwell (Malope Vulcan) for their images.