Poppy Bowling Ball

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Vallmo Bowling Ball
Papaver somniferum

Single-flowering, very beautiful poppy in a lovely pink tone with an oat-colored center and plum-purple spots. Produces large capsules after flowering that are perfect for drying. Wonderful cottage-garden flower, butterfly- and pollinator favourite.

Quantity: approx. 250 seeds

Height: approx. 70 cm

Lifecycle: Hardy annual

How to grow:

Directsow when the soil is warm and the risk of frost is over. Can also be sown in autumn for earlier flowering. Self-sows easily where it thrives. Sow very shallow, water the soil before sowing and keep moist during the germination period.

Sowing depth: 0.2 cm

Germination time: Up to 30 days

Site: Sun

Row spacing: approx. 20 cm

Plant distance: approx. 20 cm

Flowering time/harvest time: June - August/September


Country of origin: England

English name: Poppy

Quality: Health certified, EU quality

Ungrazed, can be used in organic and KRAV certified cultivation